Three Rivers Chamber of Commerce

This chamber has several goals.

One is to establish a public park with river access. For residents and visitors near and far.

Three Rivers has a unique problem with the rivers that flow through, they are all surrounded by private land.

This has given the land owners The wrong impression that they own the river and refuse to allow any one to use the river for recreation purpose.

THEY DO NOT HAVE THIS RIGHT. As the rivers are in the public trust and the public has an easement along its shores.


COME BACK AND HELP ME GET THIS PARK ESTABLISHED There are no membership fees and all business get a spot on the map showing their name and phone number. If you were left off or want off, email and your wish will be granted.

There may be a chance for a more enhance listing. You can email for details.

The second goal HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED, is to stop the moving of Carol Barns sign which has been a part of Three rivers since the 50ies. This sign is now located at 198 and Slick Rock lake access road.

This goal has been met and thanks to to the workers at the new boat ramp for making it more visible, by removing some over hanging branches

I encourage all to get involved as these will move Three Rivers into a new direction

Your comments are welcomed good or bad.